Our ministry at the Morgan County Correctional Complex, located in Wartburg, Tennessee, began with a Yule Ritual in 2001 facilitated by Laurel Owen, an Elder of The Covenant of the Goddess and Rev. Allen. Laurel and Ed continued rituals with our group through November of 2002 when she left to seek better employment opportunites and to conduct rituals at various federal institutions. Zammora took over for Laurel and both she and Ed have continued with the first ritual being Yule of 2002. The group has grown a great deal spiritually since that time and many of the rituals have been written by The Circle of Inner Strength, the group which we sponsor there.

For anyone else who might consider beginning a prison ministry, we should tell you that it can be problematic at times. Interfacing with a staff that is primarily Christian based can be interesting, as well as rewarding at times. It goes without saying that patience is a necessary requirement. Nothing occurs instantly just because "it seems like it should."

Should you be interested in beginning or joining a Pagan prison ministry, feel free to e-mail us and we will be happy to assist your effeort in any way we are able. We can also advise, at least in Tennessee, what is required in the way of paperwork and other matters within the Departmrent of Corrections.