Sandra & her Harley

Hello, my name is Sandra Miller and I came to the Craft by being drawn to it by constant premonitions and seeking the understanding from those. I have always been fascinated with the knowlege that most people choose to ignore.

Like so many others that follow the Wiccan Path when they are not new to it, but exploring, my "magickal name" has not yet spoken to me. Hopefully it will come to me soon and the look and feel of both this page and my life will take on a new persona and expanded dimension.

Hope you all like the photo of me and my Harley. We (my husband and I) go riding together all the time; he on his Harley and me on mine. It seems so much more comfortable than my broom .

I will be up to my usual "Witchyness" and will add more info here as soon as I can. Until then, we hope you enjoy our new site and look forward to hearing from you when we all get added to the contacts page.........Blessed Be !